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Topic: 3 Easy Ways to Copy Any Video or Photo WhatsApp Status
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Posted by At 8:17 am On June 8, 2017

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Some days back, I watched a very funny video a friend of mine added in her WhatsApp status, due to the fact the WhatsApp status will expire after 24hrs, I messaged her begging for the video.


You know girls na! Questions started flying; why do you want it, how do you expect me to send it, etc.. Mehn!

I lost my chill pill and went into surface research 😁 Then I discovered this3 easy steps to get any WhatsApp Status Be It Video Or Photo

With this trick, the status will be in your phone for everlasting until you decide to delete it or do anything to it.


1.Navigate to your file manager and locate your WhatsApp folder

2.Now select media file, then tap the option button >> settings >> choose select show hidden file.

3.You’ll now be able to see all WhatsApp status you viewed. Open it, Copy it, and paste it to another media folder

Easy right? After I got the video I wanted, I decided to teach her how to swallow pride. So I sent her the same video alongside this meme:


Lol. So that’s the 3 easy steps to copy any WhatsApp video or photo status straight to your phone file manager.

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