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Topic: Read! How Can One Get Rid Of Kidney Stones?
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Posted by At 6:48 pm On May 27, 2017

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I am so sorry, the pain from kidney stone is so bad that sometimes death looks like a great escape.

Worry Less Though

Okay brother let’s go, I am not a doctor so I will not recommend drugs.

Let’s go natural, which is the hard way.

. 1 litre of water every evening before sleeping and another in the morning before eating ,the idea here is to dissolve the stones so you can pass them out.

. Stay clear of caffeinated, gassy and sugary drinks.

. Less salt or no more salts in your diet.

. Stay clear of red meat and junks like noodles.

. There will be pains, so you can have ibuprofen when it starts.

. Acidic fruits are a no, citrus and friends. Go for watermelon and cucumber.

. Eat lesser but let your body fluids be higher, composition of only water.

. See your doctor for a prescription alongside this.

Hope This Help???

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