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Topic: [VERY HOT]: How To Use Your Android Camera As PC Webcam
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Posted by At 8:00 am On May 11, 2017

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How To Use your Android camera as PC webcam

Yeah! Talking of WebCam – the last time I check the price list at
Jumia it was ranging between N2,500 to N25,000. Most people are now
using WebCam for various reasons to chatting on skype, creating
youtube videos, video calling and live interviews for TV stations.

WebCam is a very important tools for blogger – making money with
youtube tutorial videos.

Hey! WebCam is always with you, why are you wasting money ordering
WebCams’ on Jumia and Konga? I know you’re puzzled about that

Okay, do you know you can use your Android Smartphone as a

Without a further ado, I will be sharing with you few basic steps to
convert you HD Android Smartphone to WebCam.

What Do I Need?

1. DroidCam android App.

2. DroidCam PC Version.

3. Android Smartphone

4. A Computer

5. USB Cable(optional)


How To Use Android Smartphone as WebCam.

=> First install the software for your system


=> Now install the Android application from this


Connect with USB cable

=> Now connect your system and android with USB cable.

=> Click on the USB icon at the top of the Droid Cam application in you system

=> Finally, Tap the Start button
That’s it.

If it shows a command prompt just wait till it finishes.

Now you could see the video captured by your mobile on your

When you use this application which require webcam like skype
it will detect your android mobile automatically and you don’t need to
do anything.

Connect over Wifi or hotspot

To work with wifi, you can connect your devices to your LAN or create
a hotspot at android or create a wifi server with system application.

All will do the same work, so it’s your choice.

I will show to connect over with your LAN if you don’t have LAN just
connect it with Wifi server found at the top the right of the system


=> When you connect your android to LAN, the app in android will show
your IP address.

Enter the IP address into the DroidCam application in your system.

=> click the Start button.


That’s it.

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